• - laying electric power networks (overhead and cable transmission lines);
  • - electric power and computer system installation;
  • - indoor and outdoor lighting system installation;
  • - transformer station and switchgear (indoor and outdoor) installation;
  • - installation of control, signaling and testing devices;
  • - detection of cable line routes and low and medium voltage cable damage;
  • - preparing cost estimates for electric, building and sanitary works;
  • - general construction works;
  • - assessment of conductor technical condition;
  • - laying tubings and electric power supply networks in work technology without
  • - assembly of electric heating stations (floor);
  • - rehabilitation;
  • - upgrading;
  • - maintenance and repair;
  • - construction equipment rental.

Low and medium voltage cable and overhead transmission lines; installation and maintenance of lighting systems; construction equipment rental.

Types of projects:
electric power facilities; industrial facilities; public utility facilities (sports); one-family and multi-family housing.

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